6 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Faster


If you're eager to sell your home, you should invest the necessary time and energy into "staging" it properly. By preparing your home so it's more appealing to prospective buyers, you may have an opportunity to sell it quicker and for more money. Staging encompasses a wide range of techniques, including both interior and exterior design. Here are 6 staging tips to get you on the right path.

Helpful Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

1) Cut the Grass

Don't underestimate the importance of maintaining a tidy lawn when preparing to sell your home. An unkempt lawn sends the wrong message to prospective buyers, discouraging them from making an offer. Keep your lawn manicured to create a positive and welcoming curb appeal.

2) Tidy Up the Mailbox

If your mailbox is old, damaged or otherwise unattractive, perhaps it's time for an upgrade. Adding a fresh coat of paint will revitalize your mailbox with a new appearance. Alternatively, you can replace your mailbox with a new model.

3) Power Wash Siding, Driveway and Walkways

Over time, dirt, mildew and grime will accumulate on your home's exterior, as well as the driveway and walkways. The good news is that you can clean these areas using a pressure washer. Simply work your way across these surfaces, using the lowest pressure setting and gradually increasing it as needed. For stubborn spots, pre-treat the area with diluted bleach before pressure washing.

4) Create a Welcoming Porch

Clean and remove all clutter from your porch so it's more welcoming to prospective buyers. Adding just a few colorful potted plants is a great way to improve your porch's aesthetics.

5) Decorate the Foyer

What's the first thing a prospective buyer sees after stepping into your home? It's the foyer. Therefore, you should decorate this area with furnishings and accessories like a small desk, lamp, mirror and a rug.

6) Arrange the Furniture

Don't just push your furniture up against a wall. Instead, arrange is symmetrically in a manner that's both functional and easy on the eyes. After all, prospective buyers will try to envision themselves living in your home to determine if it's right for them. If your furniture is awkwardly arranged, it may send them heading out the door.

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