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Preparing Your Home to Sell

To ensure that you get the most value for your home, while attempting to minimize how long your home is on the market, it's important to address the condition of your home so that's it's ready to sell. Premier Island Properties offers some helpful tips and practical suggestions for presenting your home at its best. Remember, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Below you will find some helpful tips on preparing your home to be sold.

Suggestions to Consider when Selling your Home

  • Clean EVERYTHING - Carpets, windows, kitchen, oven, and especially the front door. Power wash the exterior if needed.
  • Tidy Up - De-clutter your home look to create an impression of spaciousness and plentiful storage space.
  • Paint - A fresh coat of paint can work wonders and make a home feel brand new.
  • Stage your Home - It's all in the details. Put out clean towels, new soap, and even flowers. Turn on lights, play soft music, and make sure to leave your house during showings.


For many home buyers, the kitchen will be the most important part of the decision to buy a house. When potential buyers look at a kitchen, they will pay close attention to the finer details, including cleanliness, layout, and storage space. You should ensure that your major appliances are spotless, free from odor, and in good working condition. It's important to touch on the details. Fix any leaky faucets, loose cabinet hardware, drawer handles, and anything else that will jump out at the buyer and create the wrong impression.


Make sure that the walls of your home are in good shape. This means repairing any cracks or holes in the walls or ceiling. You should also repaint anywhere that it's needed.


An often overlooked part of the house is the windows. When showing your home, you will want to open your curtains to let daylight in, especially if there's a good view. Because of this, you will need to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior windows and screens. You should also repair any cracked panes or damaged screens. Remember to wash or dry clean the curtains and drapes as well.


Carpet has a major impact on the look of a home. Prior to showing your home, vacuum thoroughly or have your carpets steam cleaned. If the carpet is badly worn, outdated, or stained, consider having it replaced. Check wood floors to see if they need refinishing. Repair any cracks on tile floors and be sure to scrub and wax the floor.


Ensure that all light fixtures, switches, switch plates, and outlet covers are clean and in good working order. These are details that a potential buyer will surely notice.


Take a good look at the paint on the exterior of your home. Do you see cracking, peeling, or chipping? If you can see it, so will the buyer. If a fresh coat of exterior paint is needed, it may cost you a bit, but it could also elevate the value of your home and reassure a buyer that the home is in "move-in condition" rather than being a "fixer-upper". Remember, you're trying to make a strong first impression.


A critical part of any home is the roof. As a result, many buyers will pay close attention to the condition of the roof. As such, you should address any issues including patching or re-shingling where it's needed. Fix any leaky or corroded downspouts and gutters. On the interior, nothing can turn off a buyer faster than a watermarked ceiling, which shows buyers that the roof has leaked. Even if the damage has been repaired, a buyer could be worried that a problem may still exist.


It's all about the first impression and curb appeal and nothing says this faster than your landscaping. Ensure that your yard is in tip-top shape including cutting the grass, trimming bushes, and anything else you can do to make sure that your landscaping is sending potential home buyers the right message.


As a potential buy walks in the front door, it's vital that the entryway creates a good vibe. A freshly painted door and trim is always a welcoming touch. Add a new doormat, replace faded house numbers, repair your mailbox, and make sure that the doorbell is broken. Many buyers will try the doorbell, and if it doesn't work, they can take this to mean that the home hasn't been well cared for.

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