Hilton Head Island Beaches

Hilton Head Island Biking Adventures

Discover more than twelve miles of white, sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean on Hilton Head Island, official beach season is April 1st through September 30th of each year. But in all the seasons you can enjoy the beach with long walks, shelling and beachcombing.

Hilton Head Island's entire beach is public, from the ocean to the high water mark. Access to the beach, however, is often private.




Public beach accesses

  • Alder Lane Beach Access, off South Forest Beach Drive
  • Coligny Beach Park, off Coligny Circle
  • Fish Haul Park, at the end of Beach City Road
  • Driessen Beach Park, at the end of Bradley Beach Road
  • Burkes Beach Access, at the end of Burkes Beach Road
  • Folly Field Beach Park, off Folly Field Road
  • Islanders Beach Park, off Folly Field Road


More activities to enjoy in the white, sandy beaches of Hilton Head:


Turtle watch - Few visitors ever meet these 200 pound giants, for the turtles choose the darkest hours of the summer night to crawl ashore and bury eggs in the soft sand. If a visitor happens to spot one of these wondrous creatures, they are advised not to interact with the turtle in any way. These rare animals, some almost a century old, must be allowed to lay their eggs to help ensure the survival of the species. Anyone who is lucky enough to witness this extraordinary sight is advised to mark the spot after the eggs are covered and inform the local Wildlife Department through the wild life hotline at 1-800-922-5431.

Coastal Discovery Museum - on Hilton Head Island offers a late night Turtle Watch for visitors who are interested in observing the habits of the loggerhead turtle. Please call 843-689-6767 for more information.

Hilton Head Island Beaches

Shelling - With every breaker, comes a huge assortment of souvenirs from the sea. Shell collecting is exciting from the Beach Club, Tower and South Beaches of Sea Pines to the North Island Coast, including Singleton, Burke's and Dreissen Beaches. Be sure to bring along that exploring gear, like magnifying glasses and nets, so you can get a closer look at the awesome marine life...

Flying Kites - With the great constant breeze the beach is the perfect place to fly a kite. On Hilton Head Beaches you will see every variety from the $5 store bought kite to full blown "stunt kites". Some of the larger kites can be run out on a hundred yards of line or more.

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